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Integrated Training Programm & Placements

Start Colleges Inc, is promoted and managed by experienced and a successful team of Professionals. The Business of the company is to deliver Consulting Services, Training & Placement Services and Staffing solutions to Institutions, Corporate, Government or Agencies of Government. When it comes to Institutional training, we offer 'INTEGRATED TRAINING PROGRAM (ITP) which covers the essential Soft Skills, Technical and Aptitude training with Assured Placement Services. It consist of

  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Final Year In-House Project
  • Domain Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Students Exchange Program
  • Soft skills
  • Placement Drive & Event Management
Motivation Seminars
Motivation Seminar For 1st Year Students Of Engg And Arts By Real Time Industrial Persons And HRs

Objectives of ITP

ITP is a one stop solution for Higher Education offering multiple Education and Skill Development Courses under one roof through a nationwide Network of Authorized Retail Partners and Institutions.

Reports clearly suggest there is still a big skill gap between professional knowledge and functional aptitude in the mind set of freshers coming out from the colleges. This gap is majorly not due to lack of subject knowledge, but due to the fact that students lack application skills.

It is also a fact that organizations require students with both professional and practical aptitude from DAY ONE. Here comes "ITP" for the benefit of those students who are pursuing their graduation, which have been developed taking into account the industry requirements.

ITP provides Industry Endorsed and Functional Skill Development training inside college campuses in multiple career segments – I.T, Finance, Hospitality and Retail Industries. The curriculum is developed in Collaboration with Industry Professionals and academicians. A unique feature of our programs is the industry orientation it provides to the students.

Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation is a critical part of the training process yet often the most neglected. Training Evaluation and Assessment is designed to give you the knowledge and skills required to select, implement and analyze a range of training evaluation methods, to suit different needs and requirements. The programm focuses on practical tools and techniques.

In-house Project

In-house project you will have to come up with your own ideas and make sure the ideas are realistic enough to be practically implemented. Also you need an internal guide or a mentor who is knowledgeable enough not only in the syllabus of Engineering, but also has a detailed knowledge of the hardware you use in your project and the modern components available in market. Very few are aware of all this.

Why In-house Project

If you bring your design team in-house for cost and efficiency reasons and find that your expertise has a knack for innovative and professional work, you may find an opportunity to expand your Domain Knowledge to specific sector to handle the company's project (job) on the day one without a training period .

Domain Skills

Domain (Applications) has tentacles not just in Business Analysis, but also in Project Management, Quality Assurance, Data Management and Solution Architecture. Mastery of domain enhances capability in Project Management, Quality Assurance, Data Management and Solution Architecture.

Aptitude Tests

Generally most organizations use Aptitude Tests as a process of elimination when the number of applicants is sizeable. These Aptitude Tests also give the selectors a good idea of the candidate's reasoning ability, critical thinking ability and communication skills. The Campus Recruitment Training Program at Ascent Education will hone your existing skills and teach you shortcuts and tips that will help you ace such Aptitude Tests. Practice Aptitude Tests will be provided to help you in your preparation.

Group Discussions

Group Discussion exercises are designed to test the candidate's ability to act as a leader and a team player. The other qualities exhibited in such exercises are clarity of thought process, the ability to think differently and the ability to lend direction. The preparation for the GD-PI at Ascent starts with providing basic tips on facing a GD Panel.

Students Exchange Program

We are the ever first Concern to organize this Swap-over curriculum as an Inter-Collegiate Networked Programm

In order to provide a cross cultural exposure and a global perspective to the students, Start College Inc has developed an extensive student's exchange network. This exchange programm become very popular among the students nowadays. Efforts are underway to expand the programm further and enable an event larger number of students to avail to unique opportunity.

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